Pelletier Équipement Ltd
6670, Road 120
Lac Baker, New-Brunswick

Telephone: (506) 992-2356
Fax: (506) 992-3926


Pelletier Équipement Ltd is a Canadian P.M.E. that developed an excellent expertise in conception, manufacturing and sales of specialized machinery for the recycling.

Since its foundation in 1985, Pelletier Équipement Ltd, a family enterprise, work without relaxation to conceive innovative products perfectly adapted to customers needs.

Our well-equipped modern factory with a floor surface of 20,000 feet, is located to Lac Baker, New-Brunswick, Canada.  Our team of experts developed our own line of products.  This success is due to our will to be to the monitoring of our customer.

The enterprise invested continually in research and development in order to offer to its clientele a product of a top quality standard.

Our priorities are established on those factors: security, easiness of operation, low maintenance time.

Our business center contains a testing center which enables us to evaluate our products to simulate the special needs and restrictions found in the recycling and transformation industry.

The numerous changes caused by the world increase of the competition and the new technology arrival, force enterprises to review their needs, their methods and their facilities of work regularly, in order to stay competitive.  Pelletier Équipement Ltd is very conscious of these tendencies and wants to precede this wave by staying a very competitive enterprise, and make our customers benefit the effects of our position stand.

For Pelletier Équipement Ltd, customer’s satisfaction is of primordial importance.  Services offered before and after sale constitute our success.

Pelletier Équipement Ltd • 6670, Road 120 • Lac Baker, New-Brunswick • E7A 1N2 CANADA
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