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GP Dryer

GP Dryer with friction refiner

Functioning of the GP Dryer : Process of refining and grinding by friction.

A furnace is required only for starting help.

The GP Dryer can heat the biomass by the wood chips bursting to reach approximately 190°F to 200°F (88°C to 94°C).

GP Dryer refine and dry the biomass at a cost much cheaper and more efficient than any other drying system on the market today.

The time of the products spends in the GP Dryer are just a few minutes.

Example :
1 ton/hr of biomass
Production energy : the process of refining and drying generate 500,000 BTU/hr (145 kWh) of hot water.

The concept of the GP Dryer is built to keep the temperature at a very high level.

The water which contain the biomass is sucked up and condensed by Pollu-Sensor and pump in a pond.

Our system, GP Refiner Dryer controls 100% all vapor (gases and dusts).

Result / Money

GP Dryer

Purchase price of freshly cut biomass :
$ 35.00 / ton.

To dry 1 ton of freshly cut biomass, the GP Dryer consumes 0% of the weight to produce the energy.

We are left with 1,200 lbs of dried product.

To obtain 1 ton of dry product, we need 1.67 tons of freshly cut biomass.

Energy production : The process to refine and dry by friction will produce
500,000 BTU/hr (145 kWh) at $ 0.10 kWh = $ 14.50

The cost per ton of dry biomass is
$ 58.33 - $ 14.50 (energy production) = $ 43.83

GP Refiner Dryer - Industrial utilization :
     - Wood chips
     - forest biomass
     - marinate biomass
     - peat
     - poultry litter
     - poultry feather
     - marine shells (lobster shells, etc..), 
transform into flour


Saving power consumption
Recuperate the forest residues left in the forest
Energy saving with the condensation of gases (vapor)
Production of superior quality fiber
No atmospheric emanation
Remove all the bad smells in the same operation

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